Hi, my name is Larisa Rolea, im from Romania, and about two years ago i was with Erasmus in Konya. 

  My Experience

  In my opinion my experience was a little, lets just say, special.
  As i just arrived in my new Erasmus city, the Covid pandemic started, so i had like three weeks of normal student exchange experience, where i could meet new people, figuring out my classes, introducing myself to the professors,  participating to events. 

  Erasmus During The Covid-19

   After this, the pandemic started to rise, everybody went home, lockdowns happened. just a few of us, foreign students remain in the empty campus.
   To try to make the best of our time there, we organized movie, game nights, karaoke, we were trying to prepare dishes from our countries.
   While celebrating Easter i tried to share some of the specific tradition, like coloring the eggs.

  Traveling With Friends

   When the restrictions started to relax, and in between, online classes, homeworks, mid-terms and final exams, a few of us tried to visit a little as we could Turkey, to see the beautiful towns, the old ruins of ancient civilitations, the wonderful beaches, the traditions, the local cuisine, to enjoy as much of this experience.
   It was somehow hard, being far from the loved ones, but at least there still were some foreing students in the same situation, so we tried to help each other, with informations about the Covid situation in Turkey, when were lockdowns, with the language barrier between us and some turkish people. 


   Even with all this happening, pandemic, online classes, lockdowns, i still tried to enjoy my experience in Konya, made friends from other countries, visited wonderful places.
   On and all, this experience left a mark on me, made me a better person, learned a lot from this, trying to put in practice all of this new skills i gathered.